Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Consequences of faking

Okay so I can't stay on long because I've been instructed to get some sleep, but I don't have to get up at 4:15 am for job #1 tomorrow, so I'm not worried about being up a little late. I admitted to Mr. Wonderful today that in 15 weeks (today! Happy Anniversary!) I had faked 1 orgasm. My sexual alter ego admitted it to his alter while chatting on line and while she (I) had a very good reason, his alter (he) was not very happy about it. I've been reprimanded and threatened :) and also told to write a critique of the last time we were together and the discipline he administered. Yes, it happened. YAY!!!! It actually went pretty well. He smacked my ass with his hand during sex, which he usually does and then he just used the small, wooden paddle ball paddle. I was laying flat on my stomach on the bed. It packed a little sting, which was a pretty good rush and he talked a little rough which was great. When it was all said and done he seemed to worry that he had hurt me and asked me several times today if I was sore. Not even close to sore. I'm not sure I even got sore. So I guess that's my critique. Harder, more often and more of the talking. He calls me names which is absolutely fine. I've never had a problem with being called a bitch or a whore during sex. But when he's talking in a really stern voice tone, and he sounds upset and he's threatening me with more punishment, WOW!!!! He asked me pretty nicely (yawn! HAHA) to not masturbate before we were together yesterday. And I didn't. I just pretended he had ordered me not to. But today, I asked him if I could again he said no because I was in trouble. Then he relented and allowed me to do it once and then I have to ask his permission before I can do it again. Once more with feeling...YAY!!!! I saved the chat to my email just to read the words about how disappointed he was and how maybe I needed to be paddled harder next time. (Woo Hoo!!!)

He's actually pleased that I care enough to fake it so he won't be late back to work (my excuse), but again, I just feel really lucky that he's willing to do all these things with me. I think he's getting good at them too! It may not be a way of life for us, but Mr. Wonderful won't be a way of life for me, not permanently, so I just look at the present, hold onto what I can, keep focusing on how happy I am, and enjoy everything as it cums. :)

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  1. I resolved long ago I would not fake. I wanted my pleasure too!!