Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Back...For Now...

Mr. Wonderful has returned from the Far North (is that even what it's called!) but has to leave tomorrow. BZ guy with a lot of responsbilities. He feels bad, but I understand. We did manage to eek out about 30 minutes tonight which was wonderful Necking like teenagers and got my hair pulled a lot. While we keep each other in a constant state of arousal, and I am always trying to push the envelope a bit, we were in a (semi) public place and he has this thing about NOT getting arrested! Party pooper! :) Anyway, we also were able to talk and he was able to mention some things he plans on doing to me next week when we can be together. He mentioned some very nice things, including slapping my ass, which is always fun and a definite turn on. Just hope he hasn't forgotten that he promised to give the "naughty" alter a good, hard straight spanking...not just a few smacks during sex. I guess we'll see. He said I looked tired and he worries about me. I love that he's concerned and cares, but I think he worries a little too much sometimes, so I don't always tell him what's going on with me. No need to worry him about the fact that I'm exhausted. That two jobs and the kid and the 12 step program and the housework and church and everything else conspires to let me have roughly 4-41/2 hours of sleep a night. Now, obviously, I could be sleeping if I weren't typing is what may spring to people's minds (and I am wrapping it up!). I just don't want him to think that he's part of the problem when these days he's 100% the solution. He's about the only truly joyful thing in my life, outside of my child. He is the reason I'm smiling again and the reason I feel happy and pretty and content. I'm not used to having anyone all! So it's nice that he does. He told me to get 6 hours of sleep. I told him I'd try. He said "Promise?" I smiled at him, "Well I promise to try..." Shame he didn't order me...sternly. That would have been really awesome. Yesterday we were discussing something and I said "We can talk about something else..."
"Well, we're going to finish this particular conversation first..." was the response, with just that small bit of control creeping in.
The main issue is that when it's just me, not my sex slave alter or my naughty school girl alter, he seems hesitant to be really firm or take control. I've dropped enough hints and made enough comments, that it would seem like he would. But actually things are going really, really well. I am NOT complaining!
Craigslist Update: More responses from men, offering to spank my naughty alter who put an ad on craigslist. However, one of her "transgressions" was smoking and one guy has said that after the spanking, he'll be clamping a lit cigarette to her nipple. Uh...okay dude...OW!!!


  1. eeep about the ciggie on the nipple! That's some serious burn, and damage and not just pain.

    I can understand his hesitancy on what he may consider "being in role" when you are He may need time to warm up to it a bit.


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  3. Thanks for the advice! I can use all I can get! :)