Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally...sort of...

Okay, so it is not Mr. Wonderful's fault. It is my fault. 100%. We had about 3 hours and I thought we could split the time between the sexual alter and the slutty school girl desperatly in need of a spanking. Well, the sexual alter got "creative" and then things took a lot longer than we anticipated, until basically there was no time for the slutty school girl (whom we've dubbed Mandy) and therefore, no time for a spanking. :( But actually, I made the decision that sexual alter go first, so I really have no one but myself to blame. And Mr. Wonderful? He brought a yard stick!!!! Didn't get a chance to use it and I'm sorry, but regardless of how this goes down, the fact that he is on board and willing to play along and just think up something like that, is just the absolute coolest thing ever. He really is...well wonderful. And proved it a million different ways today alone! So not complaining about Mandy getting short changed. Believe me! But I'll admit, I had been looking forward to it.
Funny digression here: My daughter asked for a Hannah Montana Paddle Ball for Christmas and Santa brought it. Now, as is typical, she played with it for about a week and then it was suddenly gone, never to be seen again. However, 3 nights ago, it actually turned up in our basement. She was so excited, however within about 5 minutes, her dad had acidentally broken off the ball. So excitement turned to heartbreak and devestation, as she fled the room in tears, he followed her apologizing and I picked up the paddle, observing, "Hmmm...this isn't's plastic..." :)
So anyway, as I made my way home today, very sexually satisfied, very content, very happy, it suddenly occured to me. I was married for 13 years! If there is one thing I know how to do, it's be self sufficient!
So I went to my empty house, with my spatula and wooden paddle in hand and proceeded to just take care of business myself. Now was it the same? Of course not, but you know, for a first time, it wasn't bad. I was always curious about the self spankings I've read about and wondered if it was like trying to bite myself so I could cry and get my brother in trouble when I was little. Never worked. I could never seem to bite myself hard enough. This worked out okay. Yes, Hannah paddle got in on the action too.
So the results? Some discomfort throughout, slight twinging after effects, and a good deal of redness, although I've noticed it is quickly dissipating and yes, I would say I am a little sore. Now of course, when there is someone I love dearly (ahem!) on the delivering end, I'm sure things will be much different, but I think this is a good start.
I am not quite ready to post a picture of my red ass on the internet, but if anyone wants to see it, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send it along! :)
BTW, big hug to D. Skirt turned out wonderful AND she used the extra material to make little hair bows for my pig tails. You rock!


  1. lol... always have to get to the spanking FIRST! That, or you need waaay more than 3 hours.

    ~Todd & Suzy