Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planner Code

I NEED my planner. Without my planner, I would be even more FUBAR than I am right now! The two jobs, Offspring and all her events, all my stuff and NOW, add visitation with Anti-Christ in there and I am desperately clinging to it even more than before. In fact, I got a fridge calendar to supplement the daily planner in my purse and am considering buying my 2010 planner in the next 6 weeks, so I can start writing down next years events.
I have everything from doctor's appointments to meal ideas in there and lately, I've taken to writing engagements. Now obviously, my planner is something that is very personal and private, but it is on my desk at work or in my purse in the car or by my bedside so the idea that it could fall into the wrong hands is always a possibility. Do I care if someone knows I have a dentist appointment on Thursday or Offspring has Volleyball Practice on Monday? Of course not. And time and space always being an issue, I've started abbreviating. VB for Volleyball, for example. Quick, simple and to me, easily discernible.
But lately, I've been running across these appointments in my calendar and realizing that in my desire to keep my social events private, I end up spending more time trying to figure out what in the hell did I mean when I wrote that?!
K-GS? Obviously something with Girl Scouts right? Or that Garage Sale I was planning on having...But K? K usually only stands for 1 thing these days...
(K-GS was last Wednesday. It meant meeting Ninja in a particular location more or less midway between us...fine time had by all BTW!!!)
This Friday-Sunday, B-Alone. That one gave me A LOT of trouble. B-Alone. Had I planned on wanting to B-Alone? Was I telling myself three weeks ago that this weekend I would want to B-Alone? That would be silly, because Anti-Christ doesn't even have Offspring this weekend. (Mr. Wonderful has free time this weekend and wanted to know if I could score some as well)
KR is the following weekend and, as my own codes become clearer to me, I now know that means I'm going back to the wild with Ninja. Although R is really the closest bigger town near his teeny, tiny town, so I'm not sure why I put R.
Maybe it's time to start actually putting Ninja and Wonderful in my planner. Worst case scenario, whoever gets there hands on my planner, may think I actually hang out with a Ninja and gain a new found respect for me. Or they may think it's life affirming that I have taken time to dub the time of 7:30 on October 3 "Wonderful".
I could abbreviate those I guess, but I'm afraid I would stare at 10/31 Nin and wonder if I had signed up for a symposium of Anais Nin or rack my brain at 11/6 3:30pm Won and think "I won? What did I win?"

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  1. Yep - abbreviating and such can be a pain, esp. if you do this way in advance and then look at it and wonder what that means! LOL BTDT! (Been There, Done That!)

    As long as you keep things in perspective and have fun, that's what counts.