Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part II - Stingers Revenge

I always worry that since Ninja reads my blog, possibly since before we met I think, there will be no mystery in our relationship. He saw a picture of my bottom a month before he saw it in real life! He knows things about me that maybe I feel like I would have liked to have discussed over time, but I gave him the blog address, so that’s my fault. He’s a good guy and I’m pretty sure he would stop reading if I asked him, but asking him to stop seems a little excessive, so I try not to worry about it.
I’m starting to think the guy has a photographic memory because he really does remember what he reads on there! I suspect he sees it as his manual to the joy and wonder that is me! (HAHA)
One of the first things he showed me when I arrived at “The Ninja Compound”, was that he had purchased not one, not two, but THREE products that had Arnica as an ingredient. Three products did present the question in my mind…what the hell is this guy expecting to DO to me? J
Shortly after I arrived, we retired to a pair of seats from an old Chevy Van (great song!) in front of his bonfire area and made out for what seemed like a long time. But as he pointed out, the two weeks since we had seen each other had ALSO seemed like a long time! I think we were still making up for the 6-week stretch before that! Mainly, we were just necking at this point. (Do people still even use that word necking? I can’t think of any other, but man it makes you feel old when you wonder what “kids” today are saying!) But the wonderful weather and the quiet lent itself to some easy, fairly tame reconnection with the exception of my nipples. WOW! Wasn’t sure if he was biting or what, but later, as I was walking around, I checked and 1 looked almost black. It was a little painful when he was doing…whatever he did…but not excessively so and certainly not to the point I felt I needed to stop him during. But after, I teased him that his nipple privileges were cut off and and the Arnica was applied fairly early. A few hours later, it was almost back to normal.
We spent the next 6 hours just hanging out and whenever I was within reach, he would kiss me. The whole thing was really relaxed. After dinner and Maverick Scrabble (Rules? HA!), we retired to our little corner of the world (i.e. trailer) to connect further.
Stinger had accompanied me on my journey West of course and Ninja casually confirmed this (the guy is probably the most laid back person I’ve ever met, so pretty much everything that is said is casual). But for the first hour or more, neither of us seemed really all that concerned with spanking at all. It seemed more about touching, getting to know each other on this physical level. It was only later, as we lay there, that he if I a spanking. (Do I want a spanking? I would say with me that is a rhetorical question 98% of the time, but still sweet of him to ask…)
So after about 45 minutes of being across his lap, during which time he just used his hand, I started worrying he might be getting tired. Okay, I started worrying once I came out of my near catatonic state of relaxation! J So then we stopped and lay down, I guess with the idea of sleeping! And the sleeping was sporadic, but wonderfully sporadic, because when 1 of us would wake up, we would end up touching each other again.
The next morning when we woke up, we talked and we fooled around and continued our explorations J and then we had to debate what we had time for…breakfast or Stinger. I was torn because I wanted Stinger but I was hungry as well. So pretty quickly I was back over his lap and he began using Stinger. This was my first time he had been used on my bare bottom and (total pun intended) the thing packs quite a wallop. Anyone who’s seen the pictures (and they are posted on the blog) knows that there are two distinct designs, 1 on each side. I guess he thought (and I would have assumed) that each side would feel differently, but they didn’t. I couldn’t tell the difference between 1 side and another. So after about 15 minutes I think of that, and a very generous application of Arnica, we decided to try and fit breakfast in as well. We had some delicious eggs and talked some more, before I packed it up. Headed back to civilization and I have to admit, on some levels, I was not all that anxious to get back. It was a little sad to leave all that peace and quiet and sad to leave him, but Stinger and I hit the road, back towards “civilization” a mere 20 minutes later than we planned. Me slightly sore, Stinger ever so slightly more worn, but I think both of us very satisfied with how the time went. (Oh and I think Ninja enjoyed it too!) J


  1. Sounds like you had fun and that's what counts. I hope the spankings and paddlings aroused you on some level and made you feel liberated. I know that's how I would feel!!!!

  2. Glad you were able to have some spanking fun.

    ~Todd & Suzy