Thursday, September 10, 2009

Like Steve McQueen

I ain't takin' shit off no that was yesterday...I'm an All-American Rebel makin' my big getaway...
Sheryl Crow - Like Steve McQueen

Divorce Song
When my mother got divorced, March of 1975, she drove up and down main street listening to Bread 8-Tracks. Bread, for anyone unfamiliar, is a band that released a bunch of songs that were very much like my mother...maudlin and overdramatic. The other day, I discovered my divorce song. Like Steve McQueen. It's on the Come On Come On CD by Sheryl Crow and that line above says it all. While the best song, I think, is the title track (BTW Ninja, Stevie Nicks sings back up on the song Come On Come On) but Like Steve McQueen is a song that will put you in exactly the right frame of mind, from the first guitar lick through the last note. It makes me really believe I ain't takin' shit off no one...that WAS yesterday!!!!


You'll have to copy and paste the link (it's a short piece) but the link thing didn't work. Maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind to read an article on the secrets of happy couples, but this one? Honestly! Every couple is thin. Every couple is wealthy. Every couple has a job that is hugely creative and stimulating. (2 ballet dancers! A chef! Another chef! Someone who founded his own website listing nothing but the cool stuff no one can afford and OH! his wife is the creative director!) I'm sorry, these are not real people. Take a gander at them. Not real people. I am not going to listen to these people! I think maybe 1 of them was over 35, and exactly 1 couple had been together longer than 4 years! Come back and talk to me when you all have kids...and debt...and hair loss...and unemployment...and her ass is huge and he's bitter and resentful because her ass is huge...and they haven't had sex in 6 I was definitely not in the right frame of mind to read that...

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  1. All true! Plus, if and when people get successful, they FORGET where they came from. Or, they wait until they are super-special and then say how they lived in a cardboard shanty, ate worms and all that mess and look what happened! I laugh at that! Give us reality. Me, I am a man of middle-income happiness. Everyone has to accept things at face value and not build castles in the sky. Good article, Shy Girl.