Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Game Time aka Meeting Todd & Suzy Part II

When last we left Shygirl, she had just gotten off the bus, ready to experience adventure on this...her first trip to the “big city”...
Okay, not really. What I was doing was playing Spankopoly with Todd and Suzy who were visiting my town.
It’s a really fun game. Dice were rolled, pieces moved, money and property exchanged hands and the thing they pointed out is that many people, when playing for the first time, don’t realize that it can take a while to get a spanking. But eventually, they did begin. Todd was in a chair, sitting across from Suzy & me on the couch. And while I know Suzy got the first spanking, I can’t recall if I got the 2nd or if she had 2 before my first. But there I was, walking around the game table, and laying across Todd’s lap. And he began. OH MY GOD, I thought the man was going to kill me…just kidding! :) Actually, it was a very nice sensation. I know he was spanking me lighter than he was Suzy, that much was very obvious, but we had all just met and I appreciated his consideration. The thing that stood out the most was how relaxed we all were. We were laughing, and we were talking while we played. When it was time for a spanking, Suzy or I would sort of play-complain, she would try to talk him out of it and I would just sigh, feigning frustration and go “Oh man!” but neither of us were truly upset, obviously. Todd pointed out that Suzy can never remember that he's right handed, so she keep going to his left side, so by the end of the evening, I was calling out, "He's right handed!"
The funniest thing was that I couldn’t quite figure out how to answer his questions. “How does that feel on your bottom…” “Good?” It stung a little but good seemed like the answer because I really was enjoying it. As the game progressed, the spankings did get harder, but certainly manageable. My piece on the board seemed drawn to the birthday square where Tops got money and bottoms got 20 spanks. I think I landed there 3 times! And I also ended up in jail aka “the woodshed” twice and always picked the 25 spanks and 25 dollar option to get out sooner.
Todd set a time limit on the game because like it's counterpart, Spankopoly can go on forever and then he asked me if I wanted to keep playing, talk some more or engage in more spanking. Well it seemed rude to turn down a spanking. I mean, I was their guest after all and I am nothing if not polite!
They asked me some more questions, and then we retired to the other part of the room where the bed was. While the whole thing was very enjoyable, it really seemed like we were all experimenting on my body. Seeing what I liked, seeing what I could handle, seeing what I could take and how I reacted to different implements. I got a "Build up" spanking that Suzy said Todd was famous for where it starts out as if he's barely brushing my bottom and then builds to quite a bit of heat and pain. He had some implements laid out, although I couldn't see them from my position. :) The thing that made me smile, was that while he was spanking my bottom, Suzy was standing at my top, showing me other implements, telling me where they were procured, trying to sell me on joining the Spanking was like from the waist down was his and from the waist up was hers. I was teasing her in my best frustrated voice to stop bringing over more implements because when she did he used them!
I think my favorite implement was something they called the Boudoir Strap but if that's wrong, maybe Todd & Suzy will mention it if they decide to write about our encounter. (Which the prospect of possibly being a topic or a mention in one of their posts is pretty cool!)
But Todd pronounced me a "leather girl" which surprised me, (for some reason I always thought I would be a wood girl, but I'm not complaining...God knows the man is certainly better equipped to make that assessment and I was honored by the title), and Suzy said that my bottom was a nice shade of pink when he was done. Near the end I was very relaxed, even more than I had been while we were playing the game. Being over his lap, with 1 hand holding me in place and 1 spanking me, I felt calm and safe and it was a very wonderful feeling.
Then he rubbed, applied something to my pink and somewhat sore bottom (been racking my brain and can't think of the name of it but I'm sure someone else can let me know!) and as much as I would have liked to stay, I had to get up at 415am for job #1 so sadly, our time was brief, yet wonderful.
So after redressing myself, two big hugs and promises to visit them if I head South or get in touch with me next time they were visiting, I was on my way, a little sorer than when I arrived, but very happy, having felt like I had just experienced a big adventure. A wonderful, exciting adventure with two super awesome friends.


  1. I understand about it not being enough time. Spankopoly is fun!. I had a good time playing it. LOL, was there any cheating going on(underhanded or obvious)?
    Thanks for sharing about your meeting with them. His build up is nice. LOL,on telling Suzy not to bring out more implements.

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  3. Sounds like you had a spanking good time! LOL

    As for the regular game, there is a new version from an online store called "Mega Monopoly". There are new spaces, an extra die and the game goes by a LOT faster! My niece & I can finish a game of Mega Monopoly in under an hour.

    As for paying a spanking penalty to get out of the woodshed sooner, that sounds like fun! Still, what was the "penalty" if you didn't get out within three rolls or whatever? The fine at the end of the regular is fifty bucks, so wold it be a 50-stroke penalty! LOL

    As for Suzy showing you the implements before Todd used them, think of it as going to the eye doctor - only they work on your other 'face' with the "permanent vertical smile".

    'Which is better - ONE or TWO?!'

    "I don't know - try again."

    I'm glad you had fun!


  4. Was a great time all around. Can't say enough nice things about S. She's a real sweetie.

    ~Todd and Suzy

    Arnica is what was used for your aftercare