Monday, July 27, 2009

The Day The Rock Stars Came To Town aka Meeting Todd & Suzy Part I

Now just to preface, I tend to get enthusiastic and excited about things. Some people say "hyper" I say "appreciative of the positive".
I would say I'm fairly laid back, not much gets to me (at least that's how I view myself), but good things to get me excited. Getting a magazine in the mail, hearing a really great song on the radio, unexpected money (okay that probably excites everyone) and last week, the really BIG NEWS. "Todd & Suzy are coming to town!" The reaction of most of the people who know what I'm into was "Who?"
"Uh...Todd & Suzy...only the coolest people EVER!!!"
Okay, so technically, I had never actually met Todd & Suzy...semantics as far as I was concerned. They were the first site I found when I went looking for like minded people who share my interests and through their website I was suddenly linked to dozens of different sites covering ALL aspects of spanking, discipline, etc., so as far as I was concerned this was the equivalent of getting to go see Guns N' Roses in 1997!
When I got a 'wink' from them on their blog (and they had to explain to me what that was!) I was flying for like a week. In all my interaction with them, via the blogs and email, they had been super nice and so helpful, so after making several comments about looking me up if they came to my area, I finally got the magical email. They were coming and wanted to meet!
The first email ended:
Let us know if you're free and what ideas you might have as far as plans go. We're open to just about anything so just let us know.
Okay, immediately I began to worry. (I get excited and then I worry), "Just about anything". Did they mean spanking? I mean, it's not like we all met at a quilting bee! Okay, that's fine, but what if they didn't mean spanking and I thought they did and then it's really awkward because I just assume they do and they don't? (I get excited, I worry, I over's a disease people!)

So I wrote back "What do you mean by 'open to anything'" and they were kind enough to reply that basically if I wanted to get lunch and meet, great. If I wanted to meet and maybe have a spanking, fine. They wrote they weren't pushy and were very respectful of my boundaries. Then they mentioned Spankopoly.

Okay, rewind past the over thinking and the worry. Spankopoly! After all the reading I had done on their post, I was going to get to play their game they invented. Now I was even MORE excited. So like the truly thoughtful bottom I am, I immediately shaved my legs and picked out some cute, new panties.

They mentioned arriving Sunday morning, I arranged to be free from 11-3, which I hadn't mentioned to them. Just shot them am email telling them to call me. They didn't. I was a little disappointed, but no worries. Things happen when you travel, plans change and I didn't know what their internet access was like. So okay, I headed home to prepare for my staff meeting at work that evening and the phone rang. And I missed it. It was an out of state number and it was them! Again, so friendly and nice and we made arrangements for me to meet them at their motel at 8pm that night. Back to excited!!!!

I was a little but nervous when I knocked on their door and when I entered and saw maybe 30 implements on the dining table in their suite laid out, okay I glanced and then went to sit down while I was still safe!!! We talked for about 1/2 an hour, getting to know you stuff. And they were exactly what I thought they would down to kind.

Then they asked me if I wanted to play Spankopoly. Now, even though I felt I could totally be myself, I didn't want to come off as some hyper, crazy, psycho freak, so I shrugged, smiled and said sure, sound good, as nonchalantly as I could. (I hope I'm not embarrassing Todd & Suzy, by going on and on, but they really are wonderful people) So money was counted out, pieces were chosen (I was the laptop - HAHA) and the game officially began.

To be continued tomorrow...


  1. I checked out their site and saw that game earlier - I'm sure it will have been worth playing. Is it a version of 'Strip poker for spankers'? LOL

  2. Hi, really enjoyed part 1 of your meeting with Todd and Suzy. They are wonderful people. I am so glad you were able to meet them