Friday, May 21, 2010

Bedtimes & Mothers & Spankings OH MY!

So I have this curfew now. In bed, 10:30pm, Sunday through Thursday and I have to send a text to My Friend as soon as I get there. And I am getting 6 hours of sleep a night, as opposed to 4 which is good. However I find things falling by the wayside because I'm not staying up until midnight doing them!
One thing that has definitely fallen by the wayside is television. I didn't watch all that much before, but in the past 4 weeks I have watched TV exactly twice. 1 episode of Lost (I'm three episodes behind!) and on Wednesday, I decided, it's 9:55pm, I'm going to sit down and watch Glee. Yes, Glee is an hour show, but I have it on DVR, I don't mind fast forwarding to the interesting parts I want to see, completely doable.
Unless you factor in my mother lives with me now. And she was excited I was going to watch the episode. Let me start by saying that she had already watched it! So I watch some, I fast forward through the commercials & I hear,
"Ohhh!! Can we watch that commercial?!?!?" she asks.
"No." I continue to fast forward.
"Oh this is a good part!" 5 minutes later. "WHY R U fast forwarding!?!?!"
"Mom, you've already seen this! Just let me watch it the way I want to!" I hit fast forward harder.
10 minutes later, "YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS PART!"
It is now 10:22. "NO I DON'T!!! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!"
Time is my enemy now. I've seen what My Friend can do when he's HAPPY with me. I'm not going to let myself get put in the position of actual punishment and I'll be DAMNED if I let my mother drag me there either! It's bad enough I'm putting in eye drops and taking off my make up laying in bed in the dark because it's 10:32 and I'm desperately pushing pee out of my bladder at 10:29, praying my text won't arrive at 10:31. I don't need ANY ADDITIONAL STRESS!!!!!
"I just don't understand why you are watching so little of it!?!"
It was a little difficult to not grab her shoulders and shake her and yell, "Because if I'm not IN bed BY 10:30, my boyfriend is going to spank me...and not a playful one either...a really hard spanking that will have me in tears and agony and unable to sit down comfortably for God knows HOW long now please, in the name of all that is good and holy, LET ME WATCH THIS!!!!"
I didn't. My proclivities remain happily anonymous to my least for now.


  1. Good thing we can have our own debates without ever speaking. *laughs*


  2. Sounds like he has you under his thumb. If that IS what you want, have as much fun with it as you can.

  3. haha, now THAT was funny!! LOL