Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Domination, power & a hot girl in leather

So I happened to be watching TV (happens about once a year!!!) and I came upon Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie? God, talk about sexy!!!! To clarify, I am not someone who is attracted to people based on gender. I have had relationships with women in the past. Mr. Wonderful seems to enjoy my detailing what I like about certain women. Recently I sent him a picture text of a coworker, taking a picture of a picture she had of herself (and a relative) on her desk. Then I sent a picture of another coworker, asking her "Can I take you pic so it pops up when you call?" So far, both have met with his approval and then we discuss who I would sleep with and what I would do to her. But I digress...

So Angelina is dressed in the outfit above and she is a hired assassin. Her husband Brad Pitt is also, but neither of them know it. And for one of her jobs, she comes disguised as a dominatrix, handcuffs the "mark" who is some kind of arms dealer, and begins to swat him with a riding crop. "Have you been a bad boy?" he said he has and thwack! "What happens to bad boys? They get punished!" thwack! The guy loves it! Then she leans in "Has the bad boy been selling big guns?" (I'm paraphrasing of course) and she snaps his neck. It was really pretty cool! Anyway, besides the smokin' hot chick, I was just fascinated watching her dominate him. It seems really interesting. I don't know how much I have thought about it before, maybe a random fantasy here and there but nothing really until recently. It seems the more I read, the more it becomes clear to me how much is out there. It's just amazing and while I guess I always thought I was strictly a girl who wanted to be spanked, I find that there is more that I may be interested in. As I was telling some friends during a chat, it's whatever feels natural and a lot of it is feeling natural when I think about it. I think Mr. Wonderful is ready to unleash his full "wrath" on my body the next time we are together, which will be 9 days from now. As I've stated previously, waiting is a huge frustration and a huge turn on to me. It is important to me that we stay on point, point being the discipline, the roughness, the stern talking and the wild, crazy sex and that's just about the order I'm looking for. Sometimes, since we aren't together so much, I think the crazy sex overwhelms everything else...and please believe me, I am NOT complaining about any aspect of sex with him...but I want the full experience we've discussed and need to remember that.
A few weeks ago, I blindfolded Mr. W and he lay on the bed and I spent an hour doing things to his body. Mostly pleasurable although he did let me slap his inner thigh and his ass a couple times and it turns out I can abuse his nipples as much as I want. :) Had no restraints but he was a very good boy about laying still and I also teased him with parts of my body, giving them to him to touch or suck or lick and then pulling away. I drank probably 100 oz. of water in an hour, because I just kept circling him, enticing him, teasing him, making him moan in ecstasy and then taking it all away so he would get just this side of frustrated. It felt wonderful. It felt like I had power. I enjoyed it. I think I posted on Todd & Suzy's blog that I would probably not switch with Mr. W, because it might change the dynamics of our relationship, but I may be rethinking that position. I liked the power as much as I like the helplessness. I'm not sure it would work in a traditional DD relationship, but we're not traditional. In the end, I'm open to what is coming, whatever that may be. Maybe more people should view Angelina in leather. It really makes you think...

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