Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi Quality Domination at a Reasonable Cost

So it was Sunday. We had gotten a room Saturday and spent a few wonderful, glorious hours in it and then realized we were both free to return on Sunday! This NEVER happens!!!! And I knew exactly how I wanted to spend some of that time. Dominating Mr. Wonderful. When he knocked on the door, I was waiting, sitting in a chair, acting aloof and bored. I was in a black bra and panties, black heels and (what I knew would be the kicker for him) black fishnet thigh highs he asked me to buy but had never seen me wear. My legs were crossed, my hair was pulled back, even I had to admit, I did not look too shabby. When he came in, he just looked at me a moment. I found it very easy to stay in character and I ordered him to take a shower. He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom, after a meek "Yes Mistress." When he came out, he was told to get on the bed. Then he was given a sleep mask and told to put it on.

**I am going to stop for a moment with a quick side note...I think I'm going to write a book called "Dominating on a budget", because as a soon to be single mother, I must admit that I have to be frugal about the things I buy period, much less for having crazy sex in a motel room, which he is always kind enough to pay for. (The room! Not the sex!)
So what I had that day to play with was a pink leopard print sleep mask my daughter no longer used, I had the Hannah Montana paddle the ball had broken off of and a regular wooden paddle ball paddle that cost $1.25 maybe, I had a big bunch of feathers attached to a string. This was actuallly a cat toy I had cut the bells off of. I bought it for the cat and the cat never wanted to play with it. It had just been sitting in a box at my house, unused. I had a red replica of a riding crop that was actually made of rubber ($4.95), I had ice and water (free) and except for buying the thigh highs, the only real expense I put out was on the implement to be described below. I think I'm off to a good dominating start at a reasonable price, because what I was really using, it felt like, was my mind and my body to toy with him, to control him, to fuck with his mind before I fucked with his body and let me tell you, that was an amazing rush! Part of it was feeling creative. This was a way to tap into something I don't think I ever had before ***

I talked to him quite a bit. I like to ask him questions, very business like and he answers immediately and is very solicitous which pleases me. I moved around quite a bit, doing different things to create noises I hoped would make him wonder what was going on. He had brought rope and scissors, but I chose not to use them (I'm hoping to come across some discount handcuffs somewhere!). I took my handful of feathers and began to rub them very lightly over his body, all up and down. He seemed tense at first, but this seemed to make him relax somewhat. I began to lick (if I recall correctly) his nipple, very erotically and about the time his body responded, I twisted the other. I don't think he was expecting that, but that combination of pleasure and pain at the same moment is something I enjoy providing, I realized. After allowing some drops of ice water to fall on his balls, I told him to turn over on his stomach. I then spent a great deal of time kissing, nibbling and licking one of his ass cheeks, and then, again waiting for his body to respond, I would bring one of my paddles down on the other when he least expected it. Again I felt the power, I enjoyed the fact that he had no idea what was about to happen at any given moment and if I may clarify, in total, I probably only hit him 6-7 times. I do not sense he's looking for the same levels of pain that I am, so while the smacks seemed to arouse him, I felt like a full blown spanking, continuously hitting him, would probably not. I did make him compare the way each implement felt. I really don't think he was expecting the rubber riding crop and I only used it once, but I was fasicnated by the marks each implement left. Then it was time for my surprise. My one splurge (and it wasn't all that expensive). It was the Micro Orb 2000 (Okay it was just called the Micro Orb, but adding the 2000 makes it sound cooler). It was a small "personal massager" about the size of a wrapped tampon in my opinion or bigger than a bullet. I turned it on and while not penetrating him, I did stick it between his ass cheeks and left it there for awhile. I can't remember what he said was his favorite part but I know he said that was his least favorite part, but if I recall correctly, it was more because it was so strange and different, not painful.
I told him to sit up and take off his mask. I told him that I was going to be going and that someone else would be returning in order to fuck him. (One of my alters...I swear this is all fantasy, we do not have actual psychotic breaks!) :)
I swear, the man was on fire. He was so aroused and to me it just felt like just about the most passionate sex we had ever had (and please believe me...that is saying something!). I think Mr. Wonderful is going to be a wonderful sub and I think his Mistress is going to have a blast figuring out new ways to delight and torture his body, especially upon her next trip to the dollar store!!!

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  1. I'm quite sure you could "whip" my ass into sape in no time! I do toning exercises, so that is 'less' to aim at! LOL But, with less of an ass to aim at that would give your implements more coverage when punishment is inflicted! :)