Monday, June 8, 2009

Mulitple Personalities

Okay, so we have Mr. Wonderful and myself and while I would not say that we are exactly a vanilla couple, the sex we have is I would say nothing too off the wall, really. Mind blowingly amazingly good, but nothing too kinky. He slaps my ass now and then, he pulls my hair from time to time, (okay more often than that) but it's reallly not anything I would classify as "crazy". Then for a period of time we had S. who was pretty much strictly sexual and Matt, the name Mr. Wonderful uses on the internet, and then at some point when I was bringing up the whole idea of discipline, he decided that I was Mandy (naughty school girl) and he was the teacher who needed to reign her in. And that was all fine. Yet sometime in the last month or so, we've shifted. Mandy was sent packing to Florida for summer vacation (she was never punished, technically but she was kind enough to leave her uniform) and S. is now in a fantasy kind of DD situation with Master Matt. Master Matt has rules that S. must obey. She's doing well with some...she's only had 1 diet soda in like two weeks because she must ask his permission and usually Master Matt says no. She is also no longer texting while driving and she is sleeping a little more. She finds herself masturbating less, because that is usually one of the first priviledges revoked, at least until Master Matt can begin punishing her in earnest (this Saturday if all goes well). He has made it very clear how he is not at all pleased with some of her behavior. (She has yet to take any of the vitamins he gave her) He seemed to have a mental block before, he was so nervous about hurting me. I think we've managed to talk through that, but I guess we'll see Saturday. :) Ropes and paddles have been mentioned and the descriptions have been wonderful, so we will see.
So now, somehow, my recent interest in switching (brought on by Angelina Jolie, 2 posts ago) has manifested itself into a third set of alters for me & Mr. W. Shygirl and Matt.

Now in my opinion, Master Matt is a very caring Dominant, concerned with S's well being. While often forced to be stern, he ultimately loves S. and wants what is best for her.

The relationship between Shygirl and Matt is very new, but it is different. Shygirl is a bitch. She is just mean to this guy, at least in the emails so far and so far, Matt is responding very well to this. Shygirl feels very powerful and sexual when she's verbally abusing Matt (so far that's all they've had time for). She's encouraged to go farther and see where it leads.

Honestly, I wonder if I would be so interested in dominating Matt, if Mr. Wonderful and I were in a more traditional relationship. I think I might revert back to my original idea about the dynamics shifting if you switch within a relationship and maybe not for the better. I feel like, if we were a real life couple (I can't think of any other way to phrase it), I would probably take the dominate side of his personality (and I'm not sure how aware of it he's been before) and submit to that on more of a day to day basis. But we don't have the luxury of trying that.
So once again, I am figuring it out and thank the universe everyday for sending me this person so willing to experience everything with me. I feel very lucky.

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  1. Taking away masturbation for me wouldn't work. LOL.

    It's kinda nice to be able to change faces and test all these characters out. :)