Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Question for my friends out there

A question for my friends out there...

Has anyone ever heard of or been involved in a relationship where the Dominant member of the relationship forces the sub to discipline the Dom?

It's a fantasy I had in my mind and was wondering if anyone knew of this kind of situation in real life?

In my mind, the Dom is a woman and her sub must submit to her wishes, obviously, but one of her demands is that the sub tie her (The Dom) up, spank her, etc. and the sub is in big trouble and subject to his/her own discipline if the Dom is not satisfied with the punishment she's requiring her sub to the Dom.

Anyone confused yet?

Just wondering! Thanks! I'll be back soon. Crazy couple goes on.

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  1. Well, if the Dom TELLS the Sub what to do, he must submit and obey. If that entails punishing HER to please her inner needs, so be it. Of course, she could rate it and then tell the sub how it was SUPPOSED to feel as she then beats him senseless! A Catch-22.