Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emerging from the Happy Dungeon Of Love

Yes my friends, I'm alive and well, as the picture, hopefully proves. 12 weeks and two days into a dream. I always had a sneaking suspicion that My Friend and I would get along really well, given the opportunity to be together and so far I've been proven right. It's scary how well it's going. Talking, sharing, being together, sex, bondage, fantasies and spanking. A LOT of spanking. What more could a small town girl with masochistic tendencies ask for? The bumps have been minor and few. The joy has been big and awesome. And the spanking...well it's there almost every time I see him and the only thing I worry about is an overload of arousal. Yes, what a problem to have!
Basically, I feel like I'm finally getting what I deserve and I think he is too. We're getting our shot at happiness. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. He could run off with some girl he meets in a week (although I seriously doubt it) but right now, in this moment, I am overwhelmed with happiness.
And it's so much fun. He has these rules that are meant mainly to be silly and give him excuses (like he needs any!) to spank me. For example, he decided that every day, even if I'm not going to see him, I am required to wear a skirt or a dress (he likes my legs) unless I get permission from him first to wear pants. That was all well and good until he decided to change the rules and say I had to ask him for permission to wear pants IN PERSON. This has proven a challenge as we don't live together. But he's having a really good time torturing me with it. I'm having a great time getting stress relief spankings at lunch time. I'm enjoying knocking on his door in distress because my car has broken down in this "stranger's" driveway and can he possibly help me?
Time, as it always is with me, is limited. Still have the two jobs, still have the beautiful girl, still working my 12 step program, so we tend to have to MAKE ourselves do things that don't involve sex or spanking. He wants to date me, which is really nice. I emailed him that I had a fantasy, but was worried it was just a little too far out for us. I know he was intrigued at the idea of ANYTHING that would be 2 far out 4 me. So I told him my fantasy was to eat take out food together, then get into my pajamas and read on his couch while he worked on his computer or read or did something.
"And what else?" was his response.
"That's it!" was the reply.
And it worked. A beautiful vanilla night (okay a period of a night) was had by all.
He's started shopping on line for implements and outfits. It's an interesting process that I sometimes feel just involves my body. He's interested in the items, he's purchasing them, he's using my body to do that and mentally assessing each item. And that's all okay. I'm happily just along for the ride with my amazing, wonderful, Dominant Friend.
I'll try to post more as time allows and hope that everyone I've neglected so shamefully (someone should really talk to me about that!) is well.


  1. Yes, you HAVE been a very naughty girl! You deserve all the spankings you get! (*wink*)

  2. First of all... lovely picture! Very nice coloring, :) So glad that you're doing well and getting lots of spankings. Interesting rule about pants. Wonder how that will work come winter time, lol. Hope to see more blog posts in the bear future... they're always good reads.

    ~Todd & Suzy

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