Monday, April 26, 2010


Dates: a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person

Well that's romantic!!! So I spent an hour setting up a very cute, fun profile on Then I had, what can only be described as an aneurysm and I posted this stream of consciousness post on craigslist. (The craigslist ad did have the work spanking in it). This is how I met C. Super cute and just so funny. He's the first person I've ever dated who has been shorter than me (although if we are both barefoot, it's not that noticeable) and he is probably the loudest human being I've ever met in my life. His voice is very loud and gravelly and he tends to shout in a very animated way...well all the time. We seem to click and we're having a good time. He has spanked me, a little. Mostly playful swats, nothing serious. It's fun and free of any baggage. He is divorced, has no kids, just fun to spend time with and makes me laugh and calls me baby, which I like.
I have told my 12 Step Sponsor that the minute I got engaged (or something along those lines) that My Friend I want to date would come calling. Now I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT engaged, but once I started dating C., My Friend came. Turns out he found my blog, a long time ago. So not only is he vaguely aware of my preferences (which I knew), he's been reading about them in great detail, along with the occasional picture. He wants a cool blog name. I'm toying with Captain D. (D. for discipline but then Captain D. is like a fast food restaurant, so that won't work). Anyway, My Friend (sorry, that may be as creative as I can get) decided his mourning period was over (in as much as it ever will be) and that he was ready for a relationship and he wanted that...with me...

Shock? Awe? say the least. But I said yes. There was no way I was ever going to say no. Not to him. I've maintained all along that it may blow up in my face, but no...there was never any possibility that I was going to turn him down. Also, in the interest of being honest (my new goal in life), I told him about C. And My Friend seemed fine with it. And so we are dating. I later told C. about My Friend. And he was cool with it too. So now, I am dating two men.

My relationships with Mr. Wonderful and Ninja ran concurrently, but there were vast differences between that pair and the current pair. Mr. Wonderful's schedule was limited, due to his marital status and Ninja lived 90 minutes away in the middle of the woods. I am currently dating two single men. So logistics may become a bit of a challenge, but it is very important to me, right now, to keep them both, to have them both near me, because they are both truly amazing. I'm not getting married, I'm not going to have any kids, I just really want to date both of them.
I'm going out to dinner, I'm walking around book stores holding someone's hand, I'm going hiking, I'm watching movies and going to trivia nights. I'm having fun and laughing and having sex and getting spanked. Again, I can't predict the future and God knows I can't control it. I'm enjoying the present.
I don't have the time or energy to get into the details of my relationship with My Friend tonight, but apparently, recent developments have refeuled my interest in my blog, so maybe there will be more about him to come.

Mr. Wonderful & Ninja both read the blog when they were the central characters in it, so maybe having My Friend read more about himself wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Time will tell, I guess...

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun. Make sure you get some "added" slaps of that tushey! You deserve them, you naughty minx! (*wink*)

    Love Always,